About Our Drums

AMB Drums manufactures high-quality acoustic drums in a unique custom finish. The possibility of a special custom design sets it apart from other Finnish drum manufacturers.

Both drum shells and wood hoops are built by hand. The material is a Finnish birch.

Drums, size, depth and thickness of the shell are the customer’s decision. There’s also countless possibilities for painting the drums. Now is your chance to get the drums you’ve always wanted!

Contact us and together we’ll design a drum set just for you. We also manufacture individual drums.



AMB Drums history:


“It all started when I decided to build a snare drum for Suvi, my wife to be, who is studying to become a drum teacher. I have always been interested in carpentry work and I am familiar with it from an early age, when I worked with my father who is a carpenter. Any kind of hand-crafted goods has always been my favorite pastime.

 I started to think about how I could get the shell done and I purchased thin birch plywood. I built the shell by turning the long slice of plywood around a round mold and tightened. The result was a pretty good grin on the face… So I had to find another way.

 The next two snares I made with so-called block method. This method worked better, but I couldn’t build bigger drums with this method. So I had to come up with something else. Because I didn’t find help on the Internet for my mold design, I had to come up with a solution myself. I developed a mold, which can be used to glue veneers on top each other, and a compression takes place both outside and inside. This proved to be a good method.

 I am a trained music technician, so the opportunities for testing and mixing drums are good. In addition, building drums by hand, is less common, and there’s not that much information for building drums. It is also a challenging and interesting.

 My biggest interest in drum building is how different things in the body structure, such as shells thickness, eyelets and bearing edges, affect things like sound and resonance. How much effect they really have? “


Ali Buckman



“I was just amazed when I saw the snare, which Ali had done for me. It was so fine and good looking, that it could be perceived to be purchased in a music store. And it also sounded good! I knew that Ali is able to construct a thing or two, but this was really a surprise.. The snare was crowned with a silver plate, which was engraved with my name and my birthday.

 Little by little I began to develop the idea of designing art on the drums. I’ve always been interested in visual arts, and I was going up to the profession for myself, until the music took the victory. So, painting and decorating drums seemed to be an interesting and pleasant idea. If you compare the band instruments with each other, the drums have the most surface area for the external design. When played on the stage, the drums are usually in the background. Because of that, they could draw people’s attention by different special choices of colors, pictures and paintings. The drummers have also the opportunity to get exactly the colors and looks on the drums they have always dreamed of. There are so many possibilities that every drum can be unique and not be found anywhere else.

 When the idea became increasingly clear, I began to practice the use of an airbrush. After the beginners difficulties the thing started to work and feel easier. We ordered a variety of colors and experimented with different combinations as well as we clear the properties of different paints. We also got a spray gun to paint the bigger areas of the drums. Today, I use my airbrush and spray to decorate, but also brushes, spay-and pinstripe paints and brushes and markers.

 For me, music and art have always been the one and finest things in life. I started to play the piano at age of 7, which took my focus for nine years. I fell in love with the drums in at the age of  16, although art was then still better option for me. Eventually, however, I let the music take over. It led me to Tornio, where I studied to be a musician. After that I started my studies in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences of Music, where I’m studying now my third year. Drawing and painting have always been very pleasant thing to do. It has also been a good way to relaxation. I think it’s great that I’m able to combine these two things to love so as not to have to give up on either.”


Suvi Yliluoma


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